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SaaS Discovery Platform that caters to SaaS Buyers by giving them Data-Driven Insights and exclusive deals on SaaS Subscriptions.

Exclusive Deals on SaaS Subscriptions

Partnered with 5000+ SaaS Companies around the world

Why SaaSDekho?

Save upto 30% on your Software Stack.

There are thousands of SaaS applications on the market for your business requirements.

How do you choose the right one?

Assisted SaaS Buying

At SaaSDekho, we produce curated content and data-driven insights from trusted sources that help every business in the world in making better technology-buying decisions.

Deals and FREE Credits on SaaS Buying

Find all active SaaS Deals and Discounts for your next Software Purchase. Save more with SaaS Marketplace.

We assist you to get reasonable prices on all your SaaS purchases and eliminate negotiation process from your procurement.

One Dashboard to Optimize and Manage your SaaS Stack

SaaS Stack Management Platform to easily manage and optimize your SaaS Stack for your company.

Get more visibility on your software stack and spend less on every tool with our Stack Management Platform.

Selling Software? Reach more Buyers.

Display your product to a vast audience of potential buyers by featuring it on SaaSDekho, where thousands of businesses discover and purchase software every month.

Our mission is to accelerate India's transition to SaaS.

One Dashboard to easily manage your software stack so your company can achieve sustainable growth. SaaSDekho’s integration will help your business optimize your software stack.

Enhance your knowledge to support your team use the correct software to do their job perfectly, improve the bottom line and hit goals.

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