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7 Advantages of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

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When you own a company and a website, there are undeniable chances that you’ll be pretty busy with your business activities.

You might also be knowing the importance of social media and its impact on your marketing efforts – but managing the time to ‘fit it all’ in your daily to-do list with tons of other tasks is quite challenging. And, to yield results from your social media presence, you need to churn out content consistently. There is no place for intermittent contact and involvement, as your followers will ultimately lose interest and move on.

So, what exactly can you do to build a consistent presence? Hiring a full-time social media manager is a great option, but what if your budget doesn’t allow it at the moment? When you are just starting on your business or are running a small venture, using a social media scheduling tool is the best thing to do. It will let you manage your major social media accounts single-handedly and save a lot of time that goes behind building a feed.

Let’s look at the benefits that a social media scheduling tool will bring to your table.

Key Benefits of Using a Social Media Scheduling Tool

Cuts Out the Need to Juggle Between Platforms

Being a business, it is inevitable that you’ll be managing quite a few social media platforms. Handling your social media accounts can become difficult as you start to expand your presence on multiple networks – many logins to remember, various interfaces to master. Besides, social platforms were built first and foremost for consumers. 

As a business, this is where a social media scheduling tool comes to your rescue. It helps you integrate into a single login, a unified user interface, and is filled with business-focused functions. From a single dashboard, you can manage your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms depending upon the tool that you choose.

Fewer Distractions Throughout the Day

Social media is one of the biggest time wasters. Especially when it comes to sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, it can be all too convenient to jump on the account for a quick minute to upload something and then get off 30 minutes after being drawn into scrolling through the pictures, pins, and tweets of everyone else.

When you use a social media scheduler, all this time will be saved as your posts will be taken care of right from within the tool, and you’ll not be required to hop on the social sites for posting your content. 

Plan Out a Month’s Content (Maybe More) in Advance 

Businesses with a recorded social media marketing plan and content calendar are much more likely to be successful than those who do not. You might find it interesting that only 32 percent of the marketers have a written and defined strategy. It is important to document the goals you plan to accomplish and the content required to achieve those goals. By planning, you can ensure that you post the content needed to achieve your goals and develop your business.

A social media scheduling tool will let you plan and schedule posts ahead of time. This will make it far easier to foresee what you’re going to publish and match it with your goals.

Measure and Improve

There’s a popular saying which goes like ‘If you can’t analyze it, you can’t improve it.’ And as a business person or a marketer, you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve your social media presence. A great approach to do this is through trial and error. You will start learning what your audience likes by testing various types of content, formats, posting time, etc. However, you can’t manually measure what’s working and what’s not. But when you use a social media management tool, you can get access to analytic data that you can use to test, tweak, and optimize your content.

Streamline the Process of Content Curation

Social media can’t possibly work without content. As a business, it is difficult to produce enough content to keep all social networks active. When you use a social media scheduling tool, you can take advantage of using others’ content to keep your audience involved. 

Curating your content is necessary, but you can also utilize third-party blogs or posts to provide valuable information to your followers. With the features of adding RSS feeds and other integrations, these tools never let you fall short of content to share. It is always important to find and share the best content, searching for a tool that can streamline your entire process.

Bring Your Team Together

If you’re involved with a large account or a few smaller accounts, you might have a team/multiple persons to help you out with certain activities. However, it can be confusing to keep track of everyone’s work when several people work together on your social accounts. A social media scheduling tool will allow you to add team members to your account and give them access limited to their responsibilities. You can decide the accounts on which a member will work and control the things they work on.

Maintain Harmony and Consistency

It is important to have a clear and consistent brand identity on social media. It helps existing, and future customers have a consistent experience regardless of the social site. Using a tool that keeps all your social accounts and details coordinated makes it easier to maintain consistency. This consistency may be the “voice” of your company, the colors used in your graphics, or how often you post. A social media scheduling tool will help you look at how a particular post will appear on your social feed. Thus, you can discard the ones that don’t gel up with your other posts and keep the ones that help maintain a cohesive feed.


The secret behind building a good social media presence lies in finding a balance between automation and manual involvement. Use a social media scheduling tool to plan and schedule your content, monitor the conversations, respond, and react when needed manually. Social media scheduling will sure-shot make your process much easier. With features like drag-and-drop editor, content libraries, editorial calendar, advanced analytics, and precise reporting, there’s no reason not to utilize the power of social media schedule!

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