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Agtech startup Krishify launches SaaS-based tool ‘business suite’

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NEW DELHI: Krishify, agritech company that has built the largest social network of farmers in India, has launched a SaaS tool named Krishify Business Suite, that will help businesses to connect, engage and transact with farmers efficiently.

Businesses can use the tool to increase their share of voice on the platform and strengthen brand awareness and loyalty by running advertising and marketing campaigns. Additionally, consider the tool as a data center for businesses to discover farmers across the nation and derive granular insights on farmers’ demographics. The tool also allows businesses to manage incoming inquiries by farmers basis an inquiry form that can be published alongside content on the Krishify App.

Traditional marketing approaches have a low return on investment and result in severe data loss. Moreover, there is a huge gap between Agri merchants and farmers. Companies don’t know who their end customers are nor are there any feedback mechanisms between farmers and Agri input manufacturers. Krishify fills this void by connecting more than nine million farmers and utilizing cutting-edge technology to make targeting easier. The biggest value is offered in the form of ‘cost efficiency and scalability for both large corporations and smaller companies in the agriculture industry, such as SMEs.

For smaller agribusinesses, SMEs, and corporates likewise, the Krishify Business Suite allows scalability by providing them with the capacity to target a particular cohort of farmers across India, in a bid to advertise their range of products. To strengthen end-to-end communication between a farmer and a business, Krishify Business Suite provides communication tools such as SMS, WhatsApp, and OBD calls, as well as Krishify Chat – a window to chat directly with farmers and keep them closer to one’s brand.

In a statement, Rajesh Ranjan, Founder & CEO of Krishify says “After strengthening the Krishify App, we realized that there’s a huge gap when it comes to branding opportunities for businesses in rural India. The Business Suite has been developed to fill this gap with a vision to make rural marketing easy and seamless.”

Businesses that operate in rural India or across the agriculture value chain such as farm input, fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, farm machinery, equipment, agrochemicals, etc can leverage Krishify Business Suite to establish a robust presence on the Krishify App and target a highly engaged community of farmers.

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