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Best Customer Success Software You Should Consider Using in 2022

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Customer success software is used by businesses to ensure, through interactions with the company, customers achieve the outcome that enterprises anticipate them to reach as they use the product. This software uses detailed analysis of past behavior to create a “health score” to predict the future satisfaction of a customer, allowing companies to systematically grow an established customer base, identify any red flags, and increase customer retention rates.

These products are used by customer success and sales teams for the purpose of optimizing customer relationships. Customer success initiatives are vital to preserving and expanding revenue, boosting customer advocacy, and sustaining corporate profitability and growth. Customer success software often integrates with CRM software, help desk software, and social media management software tools.

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Today, customers expect resolutions in minutes and personalized, 24/7 service through various channels. But most customer service teams struggle to meet these growing demands because their tools and data live across multiple sources.

Choose Your Customer Success Software:

Choosing Customer Success Software can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The best thing to do is make a list of your must-haves and compare the possible tools on SaaSDekho to select the right software for your team.

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Spotlight Categories in Customer Service Software:

Contact Center | Customer Self-Service | Help Desk | Live Chat

What is Customer Success Software?

Customer success software is a solution that provides a unified view of customer relationships with a business throughout the entire customer journey. Customer success teams are dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals with the product or service a company provides. Customer success software supports this practice by fostering and monitoring relationships, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and alerting customer success associates to potential issues and opportunities. Customer success departments are also known as professional services, fulfillment, or account management.

What are the Common Features of Customer Success Software?

Account management: The account management feature is similar to the features found in account-based marketing software and many other sales tools. It includes history, feedback, and engagement tools.

Success metrics tracking: This software tracks specific customer KPIs and the likelihood of churn in addition to general indicators such as net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer effort score (CES).

Opportunity management: Part of customer success teams’ responsibilities is identifying appropriate upselling opportunities. Customer success software highlights areas of the customer’s business that might benefit from additional products or consulting.

Service management: The software includes service management features to help create cases and work orders to address any problems the customer may encounter.

Other features of customer success software: Custom Triggers, Playbooks, and Surveys.

What are the Benefits of Customer Success Software?

Buying a product or service is the first step in a customer’s journey to achieving a positive return on investment (ROI). Implementation, customization, and training are some of the other obstacles they face. A vendor that doesn’t offer customer support post-sale risks their future revenue from renewals. Customer success software provides an avenue for vendors and customers to work together in a productive way, ensuring success at all stages of the purchasing process. A business without a system in place can troubleshoot problems as they occur. However, customer success software goes a step further and provides an efficient channel that is dedicated to addressing consumer issues while allowing businesses to establish a customized methodology for supporting customers.

Visibility: Customer success software keeps important issues from getting lost in a sea of emails, phone calls, and other contact methods.

Focus: Having a team dedicated to helping customers get the most from their investment requires a different mindset than a help desk, which is intended for solving immediate and discrete problems.

Data gathering: A customer success program will see a broad number of use cases amongst customers. Over time, the experience will reveal weaknesses in the product and the sales methodology, as well as suggest new areas for development.

Testimonials: Case studies and testimonials help sell products, and the customer success system has records of results, as well as the people involved.

Customer Success

Who Uses Customer Success Software?

Customer success manager (CSM): Many businesses that sell complex products and services include a customer success organization. It is distinct from customer service and is staffed by CSMs. These individuals are the main point of contact between the company and its customers, and each type has several specific customers as their responsibility. The CSM gets involved at the end of the sales process, taking over responsibility from the sales representative. Large customers in particular may have two or more CSMs operating as a team.

CSMs learn their client’s goals and difficulties almost as well as one of their executives and act as their advocate to the vendor. The CSM role requires some authority over many functional areas of the vendor’s business, and customer success software serves as the interface for this network of relationships.

Software Related to Customer Success Software

CRM softwareBefore dedicated customer success software, businesses used to use CRM software since there are several overlapping functions between the two types of software and a similar focus on customer relationships.

Help desk softwareAnother technology that predates customer success software, the help desk was often where the company first heard of larger success issues among customers. 

Enterprise feedback management (EFM) softwareEFM software gathers data from customers regarding NPS, CSAT, and other customer success metrics, as well as more generalized feedback on satisfaction, functionality, and product direction. EFM software is a broad net, while a customer success solution is more tightly focused.

Challenges with Customer Success Software

Overlap: Customer success software might be seen as superfluous in a company that already has good CRM and help desk applications. This argument has more validity for smaller companies with fewer customers or less complex product offerings, and less for larger enterprises. A specialized tool will always outperform a general one, and it is important that these systems be integrated well enough so no information silos are formed.

Software is the start: Customer success software only provides a means of communication, measurement, and recordkeeping; it is up to the CSMs to operate with sound practices and drive actual success.

How to Buy Customer Success Software

Requirements Gathering (RFI/RFP) for Customer Success Software

A good requirements list should include all the functionality needed by the buyer to manage facilities efficiently. Requirements need to be detailed enough to cover the specific needs of the buyers and not too generic. For instance, maintenance cost tracking is too vague and should clarify which types of costs the buyer needs to track and how. 

Whether a company is purchasing customer success software for the first time or looking to replace its current system, can assist them with the selection process. Answering the following questions can help buyers evaluate the need for customer success software and determine what functionality will be most useful for the business:

  • What are their business goals for purchasing customer success?
  • Does the product need to integrate with any other software?
  • What is the budget?

Compare Customer Success Software Products

Create a long list

Based on the list of requirements, buyers should create a long list of no more than 10 products that appear to meet the business needs. Consulting online review sites is a great way to start the long list. On G2, buyers can find the highest-rated or most popular products based on reviews from verified customers.

Create a shortlist

A short list can be created by eliminating products from the long list using high-level criteria such as the delivery model. Buyers who only want a cloud solution should exclude products that need to be hosted on-premises. Industry-specific functionality can also be used to eliminate products. For instance, a retailer should consider only products that provide features for their industry and exclude solutions that include generic functionality.

Conduct demos

Demos should follow a predefined script that simulates the maintenance processes of the buyer. To ensure that the demo results can be compared objectively, buyers should use the same script for all vendors shortlisted. Also, the selection team members attending the demos should rate each criterion using a consistent system. 

Finally, critical functionality should have higher importance than generic requirements. For instance, space planning is essential for retailers, while integration with accounting is not mandatory. It is also essential to evaluate how intuitive the software is, which KPIs and analytics it provides, and how it can be used on mobile devices.

Selection of Customer Success Software

Choose a selection team

The selection team includes at least one executive, such as the chief operations officer, who is usually the project’s main sponsor. This means that they are in charge of defining the scope of the selection project, obtaining and managing the budget required for the acquisition, and monitoring the progress of all selection stages.


Negotiating with vendors can be difficult, especially when they provide similar software. In this case, the main differentiators between vendors are the price of the software and their ability to support the buyers during and after the implementation. When choosing between solutions with similar functionality and pricing, factors like customer support can be the deciding factor.

Final decision

The final decision should consider all the factors mentioned above but give a higher priority to the requirements that matter most to the buyer. 

Customer Success Software Trends

Customer advocacy: It is becoming more common for CSMs to serve as more than a manager or go-between, and actively promote their customer’s interests within the vendor company. This can include anything from feature recommendations to renewal discounts.

Metrics: CSMs want visibility into customer KPIs, both to monitor customer health and to demonstrate ROI; customer success software will provide more of this in the future, both natively and through integrations.

Education: Customer success has been around long enough to have established best practices. Formal training in customer success methodology is becoming more and more common.

Lifecycle and revenue growth: Many customer success organizations are starting to deemphasize churn reduction, focusing on expanding the relationship and extending the customer lifecycle.

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