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CustomerSuccessBox | AI-powered Customer Success Software

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CustomerSuccessBox (CSB) is selling a customer success platform to cloud-native companies and some early adopters in traditional industries.

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Basic Information:

Legal Name:CustomerSuccessBox
Locations:Gurugram India, San Francisco, California US
Business Model:B2B
Founding Date:2018
Leadership Team:Puneet Kataria – CoFounder
Amritpal  SinghCoFounder
No. of Employees:24
SaaS Category:Customer Success Intelligence Software

We’re customers too. And with every product we invest in, we want to, we must and we should be successful in getting the value (success) that was promised. Our mission is to enable every SaaS business to deliver success, not just technology. Why, because every customer deserves to be successful.

CustomerSuccessBox Introduction:

The company was founded by Puneet Kataria and Amritpal Singh in 2018. Before co-founding CustomerSuccessBox, Kataria was a VP of Sales & Marketing at a SaaS company and saw the problems of churn firsthand. He acts as the company’s CEO. He was also named on LinkedIn’s top-voices list in 2019 and is among the 2021 top 100 customer success influencers globally. Prior to Before CustomerSuccessBox, Singh developed four other platforms from scratch and co-founded a healthcare startup. He is a regular open-source contributor and leads technology and engineering. 

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Currently, CustomerSuccessBox has clients such as Orange business services, Hubilo a $150M funded virtual event platform provider, Fareye $150M funded Logistic tech, AisleLabs a Toronto-based Adtech, and Headset a Seattle-based business intelligence solution, LeadSquared a $35M funded Bangalore based Martech, Anchanto, Singapore based eCommerce automation business to name a few. The company emphasizes developing advanced AI and ML algorithms and has leapfrogged years of development by being the first and only platform to roll out Customer Success Intelligence(CSI).


The gap in the current solutions in the Customer Success Platforms

The problem starts with oblivious customer success managers (CSMs) in the face of excess data. CSM has so many data points at hand that can help retain a customer but they get lost in the sea of excess data. While there are certain experienced CSMs that know the right action for retention others are oblivious to identifying risk signals. We realized there was a gaping hole to be filled by us here. The endless sea of data to be efficiently sorted and turned into a goldmine for the CSM.

Lagging indicators, such as NPS and feedback, often flag the pain when it is too late. Customer Success technology needs to provide a ‘leading’ indicator of churn risk by monitoring product usage and tracking value delivered on a real-time basis. But this is only the starting point. From the point of drawing a success manager’s attention to the right account, well ahead in time, technology should further enable the CSM to act on it.

This is where CustomerSuccessBox and their product swoop in to help those CSM stuck with sheets & sheets of unactionable data. The product aims to use technology that works in proactive mode (the mode Customer Success should work in) to help CSM be more effective. They increase their engagement with customers, focus on actions that matter, and ultimately activate the company to scale their Customer Success department.

Diving into technicals of how the product does it now. CustomerSuccessBox’s advanced AI/ML model swoops in customer metadata, engagement data, and product adoption data from product telemetry to correlate, learn and predict what drives renewal & upsells. We were able to give out real-time actionable insights and the next best actions that drive retention, providing a 360 view of the customer. This made us the game changers in the Customer Success domain.

Banking on initial success, the product then evolved to become an all-in-one platform that allows CSMs to communicate, automate, onboard and analyze in one place. This makes their work streamlined and seamless. 

The platform is integrated with Salesforce CRM, Hubspot CRM, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, Jira, Chargebee, Stripe, Quickbooks, Segment, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Pendo, Delighted, Asknicely, Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, and many more. According to our Voice of the Enterprise: Customer Experience & Commerce, Vendor Evaluations study, 87% of those questioned ranked agility of platform (e.g., architecture, DevOps, cloud-compatible) as important.

CustomerSuccessBox leads the competition in functions like:

  • Prescriptive success 
  • Recommends next-best-action for CSMs
  • Guided Success 
  • Prioritize LTV maximization (not just churn avoidance)
  • Churn prediction to prevention 
  • Personalized CSM coaching
  • CSM enablement

The product is designed to act as an early warning system to anticipate and prevent churn and a CSM coaching system. It uses predictive analytics to create leading indicators. For example, which customers are most likely not to renew based on their product usage, instead of on lagging ones, such as which clients have dropped the service? Customer Success Box also worked out a multidimensional definition of customer health, breaking it into several categories such as product adoption, financials, service issues, relationship strength, retention probability, and risk instead of just producing a single score.  This precision gives the customer success manager (CSM) a complete picture (rather than averages) of the root cause of the problem and how to best respond. The product also considers the customer’s ARR and calculates the potential lifetime value that can be unlocked when prioritizing which customers to focus on first, guiding CSMs to get maximum impact for their effort.

The CustomerSuccessBox product includes advanced features and focuses on improving CSM-customer engagement and making it more proactive.

Other Features CustomerSuccessBox includes:

  • Customer 360-degree view: brings together all communication, CRM, help desk, financial, and adoption data in one place.   
  • [AI] Retention probability
  • [AI] Insights
  • [AI] Next-best action
  • [AI] Potential future LTV
  • Customer journey tracking from onboarding to referrals.
  • Account Health 360: Adoption, Financial, Service, and Relationship health.    
  • Risk and Upsell Signals 
  • Onboarding / Renewal / Upsell Playbooks
  • Customer Success Automation
  • Milestones and Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • Portfolio management

CustomerSuccessBox Timeline:

  • CustomerSuccessBox was established in 2018
  • Raised Pre-series A funding
  • Billions of events logged. 250,000+ Accounts and one million+ user monitored Daily
  • Today we are standing tall with 12 Badges from G2 Market Report and 3 Awards from TrustRadius.

CustomerSuccessBox Target Market:

  • Client Segment- B2B SaaS business having $10,000 – $100,000 ARPU( Average Revenue Per User) 
  • Target Geography- US, UK, Australia, India
  • Target Companies- B2B SaaS business, Product Company

CustomerSuccessBox Funding:

CustomerSuccessBox raised $1m in pre-Series A funding from Pi Ventures and Axilor Ventures in March 2018.

CustomerSuccessBox Customers:

The company’s 200 customers include many cloud-native companies such as Stavvy, LeadSquared, Anchanto, Headset, Yojee, Hapara, Verloop, Fleetx, Hippo Video, SalesScreen, Quickorder, Aislelabs, Vantage Circle, and PractiTest. It has also closed some established businesses such as Orange Services.

Like every company in the customer success market, CustomerSuccessBox competes with Gainsight, which created the category and is now officially a unicorn (private company given a $1b valuation by investors) with over 800 employees. Although it has not announced a dedicated customer success product, HubSpot recently added some customer success features to its Service Hub offering. Zendesk recently acquired Survey Monkey and may be considering entering the market itself. In addition, although it does not offer a dedicated customer success product, CustomerSuccessBox both competes and cooperates with Salesforce and is a Salesforce partner. In its most recent annual report, Salesforce mentions customer success no less than ten times and may be planning to enter the market sometime in the future.

CustomerSuccessBox Competition:

Direct competitors in the customer success market include public companies such as Medallia (Strikedeck) and Freshworks (Freshsuccess). However, customer success is not central to either of their businesses. In addition, CustomerSuccessBox competes directly against venture-backed startups such as Catalyst, ChurnZero, ClientSuccess, Flytxt, Totango, and Vitally and against other self-funded companies such as Planhat.

CustomerSuccessBoxTeam Culture:

CustomerSuccessBox Reviews:

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