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Enable Secure Work from Home for Critical Processes using Accops Facial Authentication

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Accops, an India-based global provider of integrated remote access products and solutions, has launched Accops BioAuth, a fingerprint & facial authentication solution with continuous user environment monitoring that will enable organizations to create a trusted work environment at employees’ homes, empowering users of critical business applications to be productive wherever they are.

The state-of-the-art solution will help highly regulated businesses, such as BFSI, Pharma, BPO/KPO, and critical PSUs, prevent identity impersonation, shoulder surfing, credential sharing, and authentication-related cyberattacks by enabling continuous face authentication and user environment monitoring features to remote work systems.

By enabling user environment monitoring, organizations may allow their employees to work with highly sensitive data from their homes, extending them the benefits of remote work, not just during the ongoing pandemic but in the post-pandemic world as well.

Accops BioAuth provides an easy-to-integrate facial authentication feature that works with any cameras integrated with today’s laptops, PCs, and tablets, to capture a user’s face and validate it against a pre-registered face template of the user in the centralized Accops BioAuth server database placed in the organization’s datacenter.

When enabled, Accops BioAuth can continuously monitor the user’s work environment at random intervals to check for the authorized user’s presence, identity impersonation, and shoulder surfing. Accops BioAuth locks out the user if any anomaly is detected and the incident is reported to the organization. The solution informs the user of such monitoring and allows the user to give their consent before starting the work, honoring the user’s privacy.

Accops BioAuth also includes a fingerprint authentication solution that can provide biometric enrollment and authentication services to any remote work solution or business application. While Accops BioAuth has ready integration with Accops remote work solutions, it can be integrated with hundreds of applications in minutes without changing business applications.

BioAuth can use biometric devices from multiple vendors, giving organizations a choice to adopt any biometric device.

“While continuous user monitoring may sound as an infringement of the user’s privacy and users may object to such controls, those working for critical processes and with critical data have largely been deprived of the benefits of work from home. They have been looking for such solutions so that they could also get the benefits of working from the safety of their homes,” says Vijender Yadav, CEO, and Co-founder, Accops.

“Ensuring strict compliance has become one of the major challenges for organizations. Our facial authentication and liveness detection solution provide a robust identity impersonation check, ensuring that the users accessing business resources from homes are the same legitimate people who were verified and authorized,” Yadav added.

Yadav further said: “Unlike other solutions in the market, our solution can be integrated with any application almost instantly, within a matter of minutes, without having to make any change or upgradation to the application. And its flexible workflow enables the maker-checker process for user onboarding in any complex organizational structure.”

With the spike in the number of cyberattacks over the past year, especially credential thefts, organizations today are adopting Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to prevent unauthorized access and overcome the limitations of “passwords-only” authentication. MFA options, like OTPs, are no more regarded as safe due to the possibility of stealing the OTP via different channels.

Accops BioAuth is available now for evaluation and deployment in production environments.

About Accops Systems:

Accops is a leading developer and provider of Secure Digital Workspace solutions comprising Application and Desktop Virtualization, Secure Remote Access, and Identity & Access Management solutions.

Accops enable secure and instant access to business applications from any network device, enabling enterprise mobility for business users while keeping governance with the organization. Accops’ workspace virtualization, access gateway, and identity management solution suite helps organizations consolidate the distributed end-user application infrastructure and bring endpoint management to the data center, improving the overall network security and reducing the IT operational costs.

Accops is the single-stop shop to build an integrated workspace for business users providing seamless access to modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications, and virtual desktops.

Accops was established in Oct 2012 and is headquartered in Pune, India, and currently has a significant presence in over ten countries, serving more than 600 clients across multiple critical verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, Government, Defence, etc.

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