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Enhance workspace security and user experience with Qudify’s management system.

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New Delhi: In the Modern Workplace, it is imperative to have visitor management systems in place to handle visitors and contractors efficiently as well as meet the safety and convenience expectations of employees and customers alike Qudify is the Qdesq’s second SAAS offering for the Indian Enterprise market, just after their first solution – meeting room and desk booking interface.

Qudify is an enterprise SaaS product that was launched in February 2022 with a meeting room and desk booking interface designed for internal employees. Within the fifth month of its launch, it had traction of 40+ clients, 500+ users, and a 400+ monthly booking rate. With their latest product, a QR-based visitor self-check-in, they have acquired paid clients within the 1st month and generated more than 500 digital passes for guests and employees.

A visitor management system software that regulates workplace accessibility is a necessity in the modern-day workplace. Qudify provides hassle-free visitor check-ins to digitalize the use of future-ready workspaces, enhance employee experience and increase workplace safety by minimizing contact between employees and guests.

Additionally, it keeps a time-stamped record of visitor movement, enabling good contact tracking if it is required. Therefore, a company needs to guarantee that an effective visitor management system is in place, throughout the company.

The goal of Qudify is to improve workplace effectiveness and create a hassle-free experience through digitization. Its visitor control system keeps track of who enters and exits your office and contributes to improving workplace safety and experience. The more traditional methods of visitor tracking, such as manually entering the information or maintaining an Excel spreadsheet, are eerily replaced by this solution.

Mr. Paras Arora, Founder & CEO, of Qdesq, said “In the presence of the changing times, if businesses wish to meet demands for staff/customer safety and convenience, they must invest in visitor management systems.

As a leading provider of coworking and SAAS services, our at Qdesq is always looking for new approaches to make our systems simpler and more effective for companies, as well as to offer a smooth and hassle-free experience for employees, contractors, and visitors, all while maintaining high standards of security and safety. An unwanted intruder can cost businesses a lot of money. As a result, organizations must use visitor control tools to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances.

The demand for more visitor control over who enters the premises is anticipated to fuel the expansion of visitor management systems for large businesses.”

About Qdesq:

Qdesq, India’s largest marketplace’s fastest growing platform to discover, evaluate and book flexible workspaces. The platform operates in 60+ cities in India, deals with more than 400+ corporates and transacts more than 4,500 desks every month, and lists more than 3500 workspaces. is a premier destination and the nation’s largest tech-enabled platform for today’s workforce to search, sort, and book a flexible and serviced workspace, without the hassle of a lease or brokerage and completely Free of Charge (without any brokerage).

Simultaneously, is an opportunity for the workspace providers (corporate offices, landlords and occupiers, business centers, hotels, and coworking spaces) to monetize their unused and vacant workspace inventory of work desks, meeting rooms, cabins, and private suites.

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