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G2 Launches Investor Solutions for Stronger Due Diligence, Smarter Investment Decisions.

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First-party insights showcase B2B software momentum, competitive analysis and customer sentiment to inform global investments.

CHICAGO –G2, the software marketplace used by more than 60 million software buyers annually, today announced G2 Investor Solutions. The product enables investors and consulting firms to interpret the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, forecast trends, and use G2’s real-time, proprietary data to make the right investment decisions.

At the heart of the new offering is first-party data, which can be hard to access through traditional research methods and data aggregators but is vital when venture capitalists, private equity funds, and other investors assess market opportunities. G2’s proprietary data enables investors to identify category leaders in public and private markets, map the competitive landscape within a software category, track adoption rates, forecast demand and reduce risk from blind spots in portfolio strategy. G2 Investor Solutions is based on validated reviews and software buying behavior from more than 60 million software buyers each year, with more than 10X data points publicly available on

Buyer behavior is fascinating to investors, who use behavioral data to help understand a potential SaaS investment’s relative strengths and weaknesses. G2’s 2021 Software Buyer Behavior Report shows the typical path to purchase software has changed: buyers make decisions faster, rely less on salespeople and use peer reviews to influence decision making. G2 Investor Solutions enables private equity firms, venture capitalists and hedge funds to strengthen their investment strategies by uncovering new opportunities, analyzing market share, and performing due diligence through user-validated feedback, real-time software purchasing trend data and user sentiment.

“G2 Investor Solutions is a direct result of the conversations we were having with investors in the public and private sectors who wanted real-time insights and data to identify surging markets and companies and to inform prudent investment decisions with competitive intelligence, ” said Godard Abel, G2 co-founder and CEO. “There’s increased competition for the best deals as more and more capital is invested in technology and software. It’s not enough anymore to rely on referral networks and outdated analyst reports. We’re pleased to offer investors real-time data and trusted insights from real users to help to identify the SaaS and cloud companies that will drive value creation.”

G2 Investor Solutions is currently available to customers to deploy through Snowflake Data Cloud, download via Amazon Web Services S3 infrastructure or self-serve in G2’s dashboards. Global investors with more than $400B in total assets under management (AUM), including venture capital and growth equity firms like IVP, trust G2 Investor Solutions to identify new potential investments. G2 recently added several new customers, including one of the world’s largest consulting firms.

G2 is the definitive online destination to discover, review, and manage the technology businesses need to reach their potential. The platform reaches 60 million software buyers annually, with 100,000+ software and services companies in 2,000+ categories and over 1.3 million trusted user reviews.

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, helping more than 60 million people make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews every year. Thousands of companies partner with G2 to build their reputation, manage their software spend and grow their business — including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, Adobe and more.

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