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SaaSDekho is India’s Leading SaaS Discovery and Buying Platform that caters to SaaS Buyers by giving them Data-Driven Insights and great deals on SaaS Subscriptions.

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The SaaSDekho Team cover stories of SaaS Founders and changemakers, funding reports, resource pieces, and the first impression of rising trends from the World’s SaaS ecosystem.

The purpose of our existence is to assess, expound and showcase the wonderful spark of invention in every entrepreneur and changemaker. Our content across text, video, and social media is concrete, vibrant, and celebratory. It indicates who we are – the best storytellers in the industry!


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SaaSDekho helps you find the right SaaS tool for your business.

Get a list of SaaS Stack you’re looking at and evaluate the pros and cons with data-driven insights, overview, pricing info, how to videos, features, subscription packages, and more. OR 👇🏼

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We aim to be a trusted source that helps every business professional in the world make better technology buying decisions.

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Our channel partners are an essential part of our success, and we are committed to building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

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Ground your research in the industry’s most accurate product data. Cut past the noise and find the next software investment using profile traffic, comparisons, and customer satisfaction scores

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