SaaS Dekho was founded to assist SaaS leaders with refreshingly intelligent and creative editorial built for SaaS first. We provide our audience with new-age perspicacity to help them lead development, drive concrete disruption through SaaS, build fruitful careers, expand their views of the world, and develop teams that genuinely care about global priorities.

The SaaS enterprise coverage is designed around core obsessions—topics and questions of importance to SaaS founders and leaders. These are the culmination that energizes our editorial, and we invite you to dominate about them along with us.

Our mission has been to tell stories that matter, SaaS with heart, with drive, and that wouldn’t be attainable without the enthusiasm of our team they are the heart and mind of SaaSDekho.

SaaSDekho also works with some of the most influential brands globally, magnifying their visibility and engagement with a tech-savvy base of readers through high-quality content.

Founded in April of 2021.