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Best Product Reviews Software You Should Consider Using in 2022

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Product reviews software, or customer feedback software, allows e-commerce businesses to host reviews of products on their websites for the purpose of improving the e-commerce business experience. The software helps the merchant measure and improve customer satisfaction, identify unhappy customers, and get valuable insight from the buyers. Product reviews software helps e-commerce websites engage with their consumers, understand customer behavior, and improve their products or service based on authentic feedback.

Unlike Online Reputation Management software, of which there is confusion but no crossover with Product Reviews software, the latter software provides little monitoring or managing of reviews. Product reviews software integrates with e-commerce platforms and works alongside email marketing software and social networks.

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1. Bazaarvoice

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Company WebsiteBazaarvoice
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Year Founded2005

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Choose Your Product Reviews Software:

Choosing Product Reviews Software can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. The best thing to do is make a list of your must-haves and compare the possible tools on SaaSDekho to select the right software for your team.

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What is Product Reviews Software?

Companies use reviews software to create branded portals and embed them on their website to collect and manage reviews. Product reviews software helps companies gather feedback from customers and consumers through online portals. This type of software should not be confused with review platforms, even though they serve similar purposes. Review platforms allow any product or service provider to collect reviews, while product reviews software is usually used by a company to create its own reviews portal.

Key Benefits of Product Reviews Software

  • Generate brand awareness to help ensure consumers are aware of the distinctive qualities of a brand
  • Encourage authenticity by allowing prospects and customers to learn about brand weaknesses
  • Allow consumers to provide feedback since a positive customer experience is essential to attract and retaining customers
  • Increase sales by understanding the overall brand image

Why Use Product Reviews Software?

Product reviews software helps companies gather, manage, and analyze reviews from customers and consumers. What matters most, though, is to use reviews for better engagement with prospects and customers, and to adapt to market changes and consumer needs.

Engagement — Companies use this type of software to engage reviewers to address their concerns and provide assistance when necessary. Engagement makes reviewers feel their opinion matters and can create relationships between consumers and brands.

Improve products and services — Analyzing large amounts of reviews can generate valuable insights on the strengths and weaknesses of a product and service. Companies can use this type of information to improve their offering, which can improve the customer experience and boost customer loyalty.

Who Uses Product Reviews Software?

Reviewer feedback can be beneficial to multiple departments of a company, from sales and marketing to product development.

Marketing — Marketers use product reviews software to capture reviews and use them for promotional purposes. Review data helps marketers identify buyer personas and more accurately target prospects based on their preferences.

Sales — Salespeople use reviews to help prospects make buying decisions. While case studies and other types of content can still be useful in sales, genuine feedback from many customers is the most beneficial.

Product management — Product managers analyze customer feedback to define or improve go-to-market strategies with the ultimate goal to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Kinds of Product Reviews Software

Depending on how vendors deliver standard and advanced functionality for review management, product reviews software can be categorized in a variety of ways.

Best of breed — Most product review software focuses exclusively on collecting and managing reviews. Some products provide additional features, such as brand management and technologies like artificial intelligence. Best-of-breed software has the benefit of providing all features as a single solution, at a reasonable price.

Suites — Some vendors provide the functionality to manage multiple types of consumer-generated content, such as questions and answers, or curated social media content. Other types of features that may be included are e-commerce personalization, content management, product sampling, or brand protection. Suites are usually delivered as a mix of multiple software products that can be bought and used in multiple configurations.

Point solutions — A multitude of integrations and tools focus on a subset of the capabilities included in product reviews software. These tools complement but cannot replace product reviews software.

Product Reviews Software Features

Collection — Reviews are usually collected through an online portal that can be embedded on the website of the company or its online store. Reviewers can provide feedback when looking for or buying a product, but companies also use other methods to collect reviews. Some of the most important include email campaigns, social media, or pop-up ads. To streamline the collection process, most product review software solutions allow users to post multiple reviews at the same time.

Moderation — Each review should be verified and validated to ensure it is genuine and applies to the right product. Moderation can be done automatically using algorithms to detect potential issues such as duplicate text. The identity of the reviewers can also be verified, as well as their eligibility for rewards. Also, any changes to existing reviews should go through a validation process.

Management — Once reviews are validated and publicly available, they cannot be modified by reviewers or the company. There are situations when administrators may need to manage reviews. For instance, when a product is discontinued and removed from the website, the associated reviews will also be removed. If some of those reviews are also related to another product that is still active, they should not be deleted.

Showcase — The way reviews are displayed on the company’s website can impact the buyer’s experience and ultimately their buying decisions. Visual display elements such as photos, ratings, or badges can make reviews more attractive.

Syndication — Syndication refers to the use of reviews to provide consumers with an overview of what others think about a product. Through syndication, companies can consolidate reviews about a product and display the results on their website or online store. Therefore, it is critical to match reviews with the right products and to analyze all reviews for each product to generate stats.

Other Features of Product Reviews Software: Community Q&A Capabilities, Customer Service Capabilities, Engagement Capabilities, Integration & APIs Capabilities, Marketing Capabilities, Response Types Capabilities, Sampling Capabilities

Additional Product Reviews Features

Brand management — Review data provides valuable details about the way a brand is perceived. Companies can monitor reviews and respond when their brand is at risk due to negative feedback. Since reviews cannot be removed or altered by companies because they don’t like them, brand managers need to engage and address issues as soon as possible.

Omnichannel communications — Advanced product reviews software includes multiple options to communicate with reviewers, such as email, social media, or SMS. Also, anyone can share reviews on multiple channels, as well as comment and rate reviews.

Product Reviews Software

Trends Related to Product Reviews Software

Retail use — While reviews are used mostly online, retailers are starting to gather consumer feedback in physical locations such as stores or public spaces. Retailers are also testing technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality to capture reviews and customer feedback.

Artificial intelligence (AI) — As reviews become more popular, their number can increase exponentially, which makes them difficult to manage and analyze. AI can help companies process large amounts of data and identify fraud attempts or duplicate content. AI makes it easy for companies to moderate tens of thousands of reviews. Furthermore, AI can help provide valuable insights into customer behavior, sentiment analysis, and industry trends.

Potential Issues with Product Reviews Software

Moderation — Review moderation involves important human and technical resources, which many companies cannot afford. While product review software usually provides functionality for moderation, this type of feature can vary significantly from one product to another. Also, moderation features rarely replace human intervention completely, meaning companies still require some moderators.

Integration — Product reviews software integrates with other types of software such as CRM, sales, and marketing automation. Since reviewing data is essential to improve sales and marketing strategies, seamlessly transferring data between multiple systems is also important. Standard integration and connectors or APIs are usually provided by product review vendors but aren’t always enough for complex integrations. Companies may need to invest in additional software, such as data integration software.

Review relevance — Due to the fast pace of change in most markets, especially consumer products, reviews may become irrelevant very quickly. Companies need to constantly receive new reviews and make sure reviews that are not pertinent don’t influence buyer behavior.

Privacy — While product reviews software vendors provide secure features, companies in highly regulated industries often require additional privacy functionality. A few examples include financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and public sector agencies.

Increased competition — As reviews become more popular, it will become difficult to find new reviewers or convince existing users to share new reviews. More brands will try to source reviews from the same people, and they will need to provide better incentives.

Software and Services Related to Product Reviews Software

E-commerce personalization software — Reviews can be used by companies to learn about their customers and use this information to personalize their shopping experience. E-commerce personalization uses mostly data gathered through website tracking technology, but product reviews can provide valuable additional information.

Brand protection software — Review data can help companies identify threats that may negatively impact their branding. Brand protection software analyzes public data about a company’s products and services. Product data such as names, descriptions, or prices can be mentioned in reviews, and brands need to ensure that it’s accurate information.

Gamification software — Since monetary incentives aren’t always efficient to motivate reviewers, gamification software provides digital awards and achievements to improve engagement. Gamification software uses gaming principles to create competition between users, incentivizing them to write reviews or share and comment on reviews posted by others.

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