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Mtalkz Mobility Services is a cloud-enabled messaging provider catering to start-ups and growth-driven businesses. Mtalkz’s portfolio comprises SMS, Voice, E-mail, WhatsApp Business APIs, Chatbots, RCS, Google Verified SMS, and Marketing Automation.

Basic Information:

Legal Name: Mtalkz Mobility Services (P) Limited
Locations: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Business Model: B2B
Founding Date: 2017
Leadership Team: Shelly Prakash: Founder
Abhishek Prakash: Co-Founder
No. of Employees: 30+
SaaS Category: Communication platform / SMS Marketing

Mtalkz has a diverse enterprise client base across a broad range of industries including Fintech start-ups, E-commerce companies, Manufacturing giants, Digital marketing agencies, and SaaS aggregators.

Headquartered in Noida, India, Mtalkz also has a PAN India presence with sales offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Having experienced a phenomenal growth rate of 221% CAGR over the last 4 years, the company has a special focus on start-ups and SAAS companies to empower them to grow their business and customer engagement by 10x in 2022-23. The Mtalkz platform integrates with the best industry-leading E-commerce platforms, CRMs, Plugins, and Marketing Software to get started instantly. Our B2C Omni-Channel customer engagement platform enables businesses to automate tasks and workflows for reaching out to leads, prospects, and customers with personalized messaging leading to higher engagement and ROI.

Company Leadership:

The company was founded by Shelly Prakash in 2017. Shelly comes from a business background and possesses entrepreneurial leadership to create businesses from scratch and scale it up with her expertise. She has strong roots in the educational domain and is articulate in managing Product, Finance, and HR functions at Mtalkz. She is a powerful force behind the team nurturing product growth, new product development, and technological advancements in AI, Automation, and CRM services.

Abhishek Prakash joined Mtalkz in 2020 as Vice President – Of sales. Abhishek Prakash is a Strategic sales leader with a deep focus on customer relationship building and revenue growth. In his previous engagements, he worked with world-leading corporations like IBM, Wipro, HCL America, and Tata Group. He holds an engineering degree from IIT Roorkee, an MBA from IIM Indore, and a PGPX from Anderson School of Management, University of California.  He is highly regarded in professional circles for his excellent understanding of enterprise profitability and his ability to bind multiple business aspects together for securing a competitive advantage.

Mtalkz Target Audience:

  • Start-up Businesses
  • Programmers and App Developers
  • B2B Saas/Cloud/CRM Businesses
  • Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Large Enterprises and Corporates

The world is exploring digital possibilities to serve its customers. SMS, Voice, Email, and WhatsApp are mobile mediums that are most popularly used by organizations. The medium’s capabilities are harnessed by speed, delivery rate, uptime, scalability, industry compliance, support, and product features. Enterprises need fast, flexible, and futuristic solutions that can be integrated quickly within their existing infrastructure and offer deep value and direct impact on customer engagement. Mtalkz Mobility offers a complete suite of services that automate existing campaigns with ease and bring customer delight. The result is Mobile-based automated engagements and conversations driving superior customer relationships.

With comprehensive documentation and sample codes, our APIs help you integrate your application within minutes. Companies can use our powerful SMS APIs to send bulk SMS offers, trigger transactional updates, and OTPs, insert trackable weblinks, request Voice OTP, pull reports, and manage dashboards. We have a direct partnership with multiple telecom operators across India and our intelligent SMS gateway ensures best-in-class delivery and 24×7 support for your campaigns.

Our robust cloud-based infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy at every level and round-the-clock monitoring systems ensure unmatched uptimes. With hundreds of customers and millions of messages every month, our systems are scalable to handle huge volumes as and when needed. We are listed on websites like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot and our customers love us for our services. With a 4.9/5 score on Capterra, Mtalkz is one of the highest-rated service providers in the industry.

Our scalable offerings are available for businesses of all sizes, so we can always keep up with enterprise volume, critical timing, and customer satisfaction. Our high-quality services paired with 24×7 customer support have made us a go-to partner of choice for many start-ups, SME businesses, and large enterprises.

Mtalkz Advisory Services:

Apart from our platform and services, we also offer expert advocacy to understand how automation and communication channels can give business boosts. Our offerings also include proven Go-To-Market Plans for Startups including Content Strategy, Lead Generation, Customer engagement retention techniques, and Technology platform strategy for quick implementation.

Mtalkz Competitive Edge:

  • Right Prospect + Right Message + Right Channel + Right Time
  • Campaign Monitoring, Analytics, Data-driven approach – Target Profiling and segmentation, Campaign Performance Metrics.
  • Setting up and leveraging the right channel for the right purpose and impact

The growth:

Currently, Mtalkz has more than 350 enterprises as its customers. There is a healthy mix of small players and big customers who chose Mtalkz because of our reliable, scalable, and secured platform that enables the delivery of the most critical messages with 99.9% uptime.

Some of the top verticals served by Mtalkz include Manufacturing, Fintech, SAAS companies, Edtech, and HealthTech, which contribute to 43% of the company’s top line. Mtalkz serves over 40 verticals, 15 of which were added in 2021. Scaling at an unbeatable pace, Mtalkz is poised to place itself among the prominent players in CPAAS in the next 2 years.

The future:

The company’s mission is to provide SAAS platforms to enable enterprises to create differentiated mobile engagement for their customers. Emphasizing the present-day barriers to effective omnichannel processes and the absence of customer profiling, the company is focused on building One Single Integrated Unified Platform for enterprises to help them, deep-dive, into customer interactions and create an enriched customer experience.

Using technology as a core, the goal of our engineering team is to create a rich platform to enable multiple integrations through messaging and AI-driven conversations. This will lead to a higher understanding of behaviors, patterns, and customer journeys, leading to effective engagement, monetization, and retention across multiple channels. The company aims to solve specific problems of enterprises by creating a data-driven user experience that will evolve steadily over time, streamlining the value delivery, growth, and profitability of an enterprise.

Mtalkz Mobility Services Culture:


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