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SaaS Companies That Got Funded in 2022

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We are offering a one-stop sheet for SaaS Companies that got funding in 2022. Be it Seed round for a SaaS Firm, or a late-stage Series A, B, C, D, E, or F funding – we’ll hold it all. This page assists you in knowing SaaS investors, both for the seed funding round or venture funding rounds.

SaaS companies that got the funding in October 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Merge$55MHR SoftwareSeries BAccel
2CloudPay$50MPayroll SoftwarePrivate EquityRunway Growth Capital, The Olayan Group
3Skuad$10MPayroll SoftwareSeries AAnthemis Group
4WorkSpan$30MBusiness Management SoftwareSeries CInsight Partners
5Allstacks$12.3MBusiness Intelligence SoftwareSeries ACompanyon Ventures
6Icertis$75MContract Management SoftwarePrivateSilicon Valley Bank
7Expel$31MCybersecurity SoftwareSeries ECapitalG, Paladin Capital Group
9ARTA$11MlogisticsSeries AAXA Venture Partners
10Goldsetu$23MPurchase managementSeedTiger Global Management
11imBee$5MCustomer Communications Management SoftwareSeries ADCM Ventures
12Ten Thousand Coffees$56MEmployee Engagement SoftwarePrivate EquityFive Elms Capital
13WORKERBASE€10.2MWorkflow Management SoftwareSeries AAlmaz Capital
14Drivetrain$15MBusiness Management SoftwareSeries AElevation Capital, Jungle Ventures, Venture Highway
15Vertuoza€4MConstruction Management SoftwareSeedFortino Capital, XAnge
16Alleva$12MElectronic Medical Records SoftwareSeries AAnkona Capital Partners
17LoudCrowd$5MInfluencer Marketing SoftwareSeries AMucker Capital
18Zuma$2MLeadsDebt FinancingAndreessen Horowitz
19Innovapptive$15MMaintainence managementDebt FinancingEspresso Capital
20iluminr$4.2MRisk Management SoftwareSeries AQBE Ventures
21HiPeople$2.7MAssessment SoftwareSeedCapnamic Ventures
22QorusDocs$10MContent Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownWestRiver Group
23Enate£2MRobotic Process Automation SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownMercia Asset Management PLC
24fintastic$12MRisk Management SoftwareSeedGroup 11
25Yellowdig$80KEducationVenture – Series UnknownBen Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
26RingLogix$3MVoipSeries AMK Capital
27Retraced€6.5MOrder Management SoftwareSeedALSTIN Capital
29PROLIFIQ$1.8MContent Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownFlow Capital
30WhizAI$6MData AnalysisVenture – Series UnknownAmerisourceBergen, Shanda Group
31AEVO Innovate$13.6MIdea Management SoftwareSeries ATM3 Capital
32SettleMint€16MLow Code Development Platform SoftwareSeries AMolten Ventures, OTB Ventures
33CitySwift€5MData ManagementSeries AAct Venture Capital.
34Toku$5MBusiness communicationSeries ADelivery Hero Ventures, OSK Ventures International

SaaS companies that got the funding in September 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Alloy$6.3MAML SoftwareSeries CLightspeed Venture Partners
2Knoetic$135MHuman Resources SoftwareSeries BEQT Ventures
3Spin Technology$70MCybersecurity SoftwareSeries DOne Peak Partners
4HICX$8MSupplier ManagementVenture – Series UnknownEspresso Capital
5Cledara$20MAccounting SoftwareSeries ACommerzVentures
6Xepelin$140MAccounts Payable SoftwareDebt FinancingGoldman Sachs
7Datamaran£11.7MESG SoftwareSeries BFortive
8DataGuard€61MCompliance SoftwareSeries BMorgan Stanley Expansion Capital
9Kojo$39MElectrical Contractor SoftwareSeries CBattery Ventures
10Regie$10MSales Enablement SoftwareSeries AScale Venture Partners
11Hofy$15MHuman Resources SoftwareSeries BCompagnie Nationale à Portefeuille
12Superb AI$16MData ManagementSeries BKorea Development Bank
13ELEVATUS$10.5MHuman Resources SoftwareSeries AGlobal Ventures, Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures
14Loctax$12MAuditSeries AIndex Ventures
15TCARE$17MHealthSeries AAmerican Family Ventures
16Jacobi$10MInvestment Management SoftwareSeries AQueensland Investment Corporation
17Localyze$35MRecruiting Agency SoftwareSeries BGeneral Catalyst
18Eat App$6MRestaurant Management SoftwareSeries BMiddle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
19Uiflow$15MNo code developmentSeries AAddition
20Vega Cloud$9Mcloud automationVenture – Series UnknownAlbum VC, Sun Mountain Capital
21Kizen$12MCRM SoftwarePre-SeedPrivate Investors
22Steadybit$5MAutomated Testing SoftwareSeedBoldstart Ventures
23Prediko$5MInventory ManagementSeedFelix Capital$40MHr servicesSeries AValor Capital Group
25SaaS Alerts$22MCybersecurity SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownInsight Partners
26Connected2Fiber$20.9MLocation Intelligence SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownNauta Capital
27Pigment$65MBusiness ManagementSeries BIVP, Meritech Capital Partners
2835up$5MEcommerceSeries ACapnamic Ventures
29Josys¥4.4BSaaS Management SoftwareSeries AGlobal Brain Corporation
30Dopt$5.1MHr servicesSeedUnusual Ventures
31Shopstory€2.2MeCommerce SoftwareSeedJohann “Hansi” Hansmann
32MetaCX$5.1MVirtual Data Room SoftwareConvertible NoteSilicon Valley Bank
33Kadence$8.6MResource Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownHambro Perks Ltd.
34Microshare$18.1MData managementVenture – Series UnknownSemtech
35Humankind$4.2MEcommerceSeedHigh Alpha, Strand Equity Partners
36KyckGlobal$4MPayment Processing SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownStuart C. Harvey, Jr.
37Ceterus$4.3MFinancial Reporting SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownTechOperators
38Labrador CMS$2.5MContent managementSeedSkagerak Capital
39CANDIS€15.9MExpense Report SoftwareSeries CViola FinTech
40Channext€4.5MChannel Management SoftwareSeries AHolland Capital
41Clusiv$3.1ME-learningVenture – Series UnknownTechstars Workforce Development Accelerator
42TEAMOTY€3MSchedule managementSeries ALBO France
43Valor Performance$5.7MEmployee Engagement SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownEric Roza
44Engin Sciences$1.6MHr servicesSeedThe London Fund.
45Catalyst Software$21.3MAnalyticsVenture – Series UnknownTrue Ventures
46DoxyChain€2.2MDocument managementVenture – Series UnknownLevel2 Ventures
47Roby$5.1MIssue Tracking SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownVoicePunch

SaaS companies that got the funding in August 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Demand$6.3MDemand PlanningSeedExact Visitor
2Founderpath$135MFundraising SoftwareDebt FinancingForbright Bank
3Spin Technology$16MData Loss PreventionSeries ABlueprint Equity
4ReturnLogic$11.6MeCommerceSeries AMercury
5xFarm Technologies$17MAgricultureSeries ASwisscom Ventures
6Arena$32MA.ISeries APeter Thiel
7Ben$16MBenefits AdministrationSeries AAtomico
8Alphin$6MDigital asset managementVenture – Series UnknownScale Capital
9Peech$8.3MContent MarketingSeedIbex Investors
10Proof of Impact$6MData analysisSeedRakuten Capital
11Sitemate$5.2MProject ManagementVenture – Series UnknownBlackbird Ventures
12Convertedin$3MAd ServerSeedMerak Capital
13REVER$500KeCommerceSeedOscar Pierre
15WAKU Robotics€1.5MRobotic process automationSeedPlug & Play Mexico
16Sprig$30MProduct lifecycle managementSeries BAccel
17Flow Engineering$6MCollaborationSeedEQT Ventures
18Scaleup Finance$5.5MFinancial managementSeedPROfounders Capital
19EPOS Hybrid£100KHospitalitySeedCrowdcube.
20Payaca£500KJob BoardSeedBlackfinch Ventures
21Tipple€100KeCommercePre-SeedDogpatch Labs
22Rubicon$111MWaste managementPost-IPO EquityRodina Capital
23Arc Technologies$20MFinancial managementSeries ALeft Lane Capital
24Explo$12MData analysisCraft Ventures
25HyperTrack$25MFleet Management SoftwareSeries AWestbridge Capital
26ThreatX$30MBot Detection and Mitigation SoftwareSeries BHarbert Growth Partners
27Fortanix$82MCyber securityVenture – Series UnknownIntel Capital
28Scalenut$3.1MSocial Media Marketing SoftwareSeedAmit Singhal, Saama Capital
29Worldfavor€10.2MSustainability SoftwareSeries ASEB Private Equity
30Billogram€15MBilling and Invoicing SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownSwisscom Ventures
31ModernLoop$9MRecruitmentSeries AAccel
32Luminovo€11MElectronics and applianceSeedChalfen Ventures
33Zilla Security$13.5MAccess Governance SoftwareSeries AFirstMark, Tola Capital
34Prolance₹160MInterior DesignSeed$1.6MProduct Management SoftwareSeedRadiant SFO
36CurbWaste$6MWaste managementSeedB Capital Group
37Ubie$26.2MHealth CareSeries CDai-ichi Life, Egg Forward, nVentures, The Norinchukin Bank
38Defendify$3.4MCybersecurity SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownMaine Venture Fund
39LyticaCA$13MSupply chain managementSeries AResolve Growth Partners
40Bookkeeper360$2.5MBookkeeper SoftwareSeedRob Basso
41Movius$8.4MWorkforce managementSeedJP Morgan Chase
42VidMob$110MAdvertising/CreativeSeries DShamrock Capital Advisors
43BigPanda$20MRemote Support SoftwareSeries EUBS, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital$5MA.ISeedDallas Venture Capital
45Harvesting$4MAgricultureSeedSocial Capital
46Evorra$1MMarketingPre-SeedYork IE
47Celitech$1.2MTelecommunicationsSeedCove Fund
48Trusted Dispatch$1MShipping softwareVenture – Series UnknownGolden Section
49OmniCar A/SSEK14.4MAutomotivePost-IPO EquityHenrik Lottrup
50RateBoard€500KRevenue Management SoftwareSeedNext Floor

SaaS companies that got the funding in July 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1AirWorks$5MMapping, Artificial intelligenceVenture – Series UnknownGroundBreak Ventures
2Beeok$500KSustainabilitySeries AJavier Cueto Soto
3FAAREN Group GmbH$4.9Msubscription managementConvertible NoteHelvetia Venture Fund
4Sonovate£100MFundraising SoftwareDebt FinancingM&G Investments
5ACTO$18MEducation SoftwareSeries BQuesta Capital Management
6Voyantis$19MPredictive AnalyticsSeedSquare Peg Capital
7ID-Pal€7MIdentity VerificationSeries AInspire Investments
8McEasy$1.5MTransport Management SoftwareSeries AEast Ventures
9Meez Culinary Solutions$6.5Mfood service managementVenture – Series UnknownStruck Capital
10Optibus$107MTransport Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownBessemer Venture Partners, Insight Partners
11HALEO ClinicCA$5.2MHealthcare softwareSeedAQC Capital, Boreal Ventures
12Etvas€1MCustomer RetentionVenture – Series Unknownff Venture Capital
13vibooCHF150Kmachine learningConvertible NoteVenture Kick
14Syook$1MBusiness Process ManagementNon-equity AssistanceHPE Digital Catalyst Program
15VamozCHF20KRemote Working SoftwarePre-SeedWingman Campus Fund
16Traduality Language Solutions$80KTranslation ManagementSeedElevate Ventures
17Breezit€100KVenue Booking
18SingleOps$74MLandscaping SoftwareSeries CFTV Capital
19Turnkey Lender$10MLoan Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownOTB Ventures
20Pexapark€6Mrisk managementSeries BBayWa r.e. Energy Ventures
21Detect Technologies$28Mrisk managementSeries BProsus Ventures
22Gorilla Technology Group$15MCyber Security SoftwarePost-IPO EquitySBI Group
23CareStack$22.5MDental SoftwareCorporate RoundDelta Dental, Steadview Capital

SaaS companies that got the funding in June 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Coralogix$142MLog Management SoftwareSeries DAdvent International, Brighton Park Capital
2accessiBe$30MArtificial IntelligenceSeries AK1 Investment Management
3Constrafor$100MContractor ManagementDebt FinancingCoVenture Holding Company
4Engage Mobilize$250KTicket ManagementGrantColorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade€150KMeeting ManagementSeedEarly Game Ventures
6ePublishing$125KCMSPrivate EquityLighter Capital
7CareAcademy$20MHome CareSeries BGoldman Sachs Asset Management
8Go1$100MLearning Management SystemVenture – Series UnknownAirTree Ventures, Five Sigma
9airSlate$51.5MBusiness Process Management SoftwareSeries CG Squared
10Backbase€120MJob Portal Script SoftwarePrivate EquityMotive Partners
11Zoovu$169MeCommerceSeries CFTV Capital
12Ethena$30MCompliance trainingSeries BLachy Groom$60MDocument Generation ToolsSeries CAlpha Wave Ventures
14Platform9$26MCloud Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownCelesta Capital
15Instanda$45MInsurance SoftwareSeries BToscafund Asset Management
16Whistic$35MVendors Management SoftwareSeries BJMI Equity
17Performio$75MCommission Management SoftwarePrivate EquityJMI Equity
18Procol$4MProcurementSeries ASurge
19Keepit$30MBackup SoftwareDebt FinancingOne Peak Partners
20Next Matter$16MProject Management SoftwareSeries AOMERS Ventures
21Treasury Intelligence Solutions€50MPayment ProcessingDebt FinancingKreos Capital
22CEIPAL$16.5MApplicant Tracking SystemSeries BCamden Partners
23AlphaSense$225MFinancial Reporting SoftwareSeries DGoldman Sachs Asset Management, Viking Global Investors
24QueueBuster₹633MPOS Point of Sale SoftwareSeries AChiratae Ventures
25Submittable$47MGrant Management SoftwareSeries CAccel-KKR
26Ataccama$150MMaster Data Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownBain Capital Tech Opportunities
27Cube$30MStrategic PlanningSeries BBattery Ventures
28Plobal Apps$8.5MApp Development SoftwareSeedBessemer Venture Partners, Elevation Capital
29LeadSquared$32MLead Management SystemSeries CGaja Capital
30POTLOCCA$35MMarket ResearchSeries BInvestissement Quebec
31Extracker$7MConstruction Management SoftwareSeries ACloud Apps Capital Partners
32Ledgible$20MAccountingSeries AEJF Silvergate Ventures Fund
33Matillion$150MData Management SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownGeneral Atlantic
34L7 Informatics$38MLaboratory Information ManagementSeries CBanneker Partners
35Tabnine$15.5MSource Code ManagementVenture – Series UnknownOurCrowd, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung NEXT
36Vendr$150MSaaS Management SoftwareSeries BCraft Ventures, SoftBank Vision Fund
37IndieFlow$4MMusic ManagementSeed5 Eyes Ventures, State of Mind Ventures
38Sales Layer$25MPIM SoftwareSeries BPeakSpan Capital
39Sourcewiz$3MCatalog ManagementSeedAlpha Wave Incubation, Blume Ventures
40Mentimeter$42MPresentation SoftwareSeries CAlfvén & Didrikson, Creades AB, Nordstjernan Growth
41Nautical Commerce$30MB2B eCommerceSeries ADrive Capital
42Sanity$39MHeadless CMSCorporate RoundICONIQ Growth
43oak9$8MCloud SecurityUndisclosedMenlo Ventures
44IDOVEN€12MArtificial IntelligenceSeries AInsight Partners, Northzone
45Liongard$10MIT automationVenture – Series UnknownUpdata Partners

SaaS companies that got the funding in May 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Lirmi$800KK-12Venture – Series UnknownTaram Capital
2Glean$100MKnowledge ManagementSeries CSequoia Capital
3PocketLaw€10MContract ManagementSeries AAtomico
4DarkHorse$210KSports LeagueSeedScott Sandell
5Sloneek€1MHRSeedPresto Ventures
6ReDev€100KSocial Media PlatformPre-SeedRaiffeisen Bank
7LimaCharlie$5.45Cyber SecuritySeedXerox Ventures
8Upflex$30MMeeting RoomSeries AWakefield
9BuildOps$43 MHvacSeries AStepStone Group
10Rivery$30METLSeries BState Of Mind Ventures
11equipifi$12 MFinance ManagementSeries APHX Ventures
12PayEngine$10MPayment ManagementSeries AMucker Capital
13Vertice€24.7MPurchasingSeries ABessemer Venture Partners
14Credo AI$12.8MArtificial IntelligenceSeries ASands Capital
15Pangea$25 MApp BuilderSeries ABallistic Ventures
16Fresh Technology$7MOrder ManagementSeries ANashville Fintop Capital
17Keelvar$24MeProcurementSeries BPioneering Cork AI Firm

SaaS companies that got the funding in April 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Rownd$2MAuthentication SoftwareSeedBossanova Investimentos
2Inion software€500KBusiness Management SoftwareSeedContrarian Ventures
3Spendgo$500KSmall Business Loyalty ProgramsConvertible NoteBranded Strategic Hospitality
4FlowMSP$500KIncident Management SoftwareUndisclosedUndisclosed
5RightData$6MData Governance SoftwareSeries ALevel Equity Management
6Clockwork$2MBudgeting SoftwareSeedUnderscore VC
7Rattle$26MSalesforce Series AInsight Partners$11MData Governance SoftwareSeries CVopak
9Amenitiz€27MWebsite Builder SoftwareSeries AEight Roads Ventures
10Conversica$25MConversational Marketing SoftwareSeries EMorgan Stanley Expansion Capital
11Productsup€65MInventory Management SoftwareSeries BBregal Milestone$31MData Management SoftwareSeries BTiger Global Management
13RevenueBase$6MRevenue Management SoftwareSeedBessemer Venture Partners, Gutbrain Ventures
14Amplemarket$12MSalesForce Automation SoftwareSeries AArmilar Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures

SaaS companies that got the funding in March 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Amagi$95millionBroadcast platformAccel
2Anrok$20millionSales tax softwareIndex Ventures and Sequoia
3Ardoq$125millionEnterprise architectureSeries DEQT Growth
4Axonius$200millionCybersecurity asset managementSeries EAccel
5Cambium Carbon$3.2millionWood supply chain softwareSeed fundingMaC Venture Capital
6Certificate Hero$4.5millionInsurance platformSeed fundingRRE Ventures
7CommerceIQ$115millionSoftBank Vision FundSeries DE-commerce software
8Compete$15millionCompensation managementSeries ATiger Global
9ConcertAI$150millionHealthcare platformSeries CSixth Street
10Connecteam$120millionFrontline workers platformSeries CStripes, Insight Partners
11Contingent$8.2millionSupplier insight platformOctopus Ventures
12Conveyer$14millionEmployee engagement platformHearstlab
13DataShapes$5millionEdge data solutionsBerg Venture Capital
14Deepki£150millionReal estate platformSeries COne Peak, Highland Europe
15Disco$15millionLearning platformSeries AGSV Ventures
16Ex Parte$7.5millionDecision-making platform for lawSeries ARB Capital
17HourWork$10millionRecruitment and retention platformSeries APositive Sum
18Island$115millionEnterprise browserSeries BInsight Partners
19J2 Health$4.5millionB2B HealthcareSeed fundingPrimary Ventures
20KadiskaDigital experience monitoringSeed fundingAxeleo Capital
21Knapsack$5.5millionDesign system platformGradient Ventures
22Konfir£1.6millionEmployment platformPre-seed fundingTriple Point Ventures
23Loyal Guru€8millionCustomer Data PlatformSeries ANauta Capital
24MasttAUD$9.5millionConstruction techOIF Ventures
25Maverick Medical$5millionReimbursement claimsSeed fundingLionbird and Firstime Ventures
26Modern Intelligence$5millionDefenseSeed fundingBedrock Capital
27Omnipresent$120millionEmployment platformSeries BKinnevik
28Orka£3millionFrontline workers platformPraetura Ventures
29Revvable$5millionPowersports dealershipsSeed fundingTiger Global
30Skyminyr$2.5millionHuman capital intelligenceSeed fundingTrue Search
31Stylitics$80millionVisual merchandisingSeries CPSG
32TimeDoc Health$48.5millionVirtual care managementSeries BAldrich Capital Partners
33Trustero$8millionCompliance as a serviceSeed fundingZetta Venture Partners
34Typeform$135millionForm building softwareSeries CSofina
35Wing Security$26millionSecurity platformSeed + A fundingGGV Capital
36Zocket$3millionDigital marketing platformSeed fundingKalaari Capital

SaaS companies that got the funding in February 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Increff$12MInventory ManagementSeries BTVS Capital Funds
2Lummo$80MECommerce BuilderSeries CBezos Expedition
3Xoxoday$30MFinTechSeries AGiift
4KarmaLife$2.2MFinTechPre-series AArtha Venture Fund
5Truescope$6.2MMedia IntelligenceSeedInvestible and Jelix Ventures
6Testsigma$4.6MTest Automation PlatformSeries ASTRIVE and Accel lead
7Shipsy$25MLogistics PlatformSeries BA91 Partners and Z3 Partners
8Redpanda Data$50MStreaming PlatformSeries BGV
9Varos$4MData Analytics PlatformSeries AIbex Investors
10AnyRoad$47MExperience Relationship ManagementSeries BBlackRock funds
11NachoNacho$3MSaaS ManagementSeedAltaIR Capital
12Sniffie€1.3MPricing OptimizationSeedSuperhero Capital
13Cognite$113MData GovernanceSecondary MarketSaudi Aramco
14RedTeam$28MConstruction Management SoftwareSeries BJettyCove
15HireEZ$26MRecruitment SoftwareSeries CConductive Ventures
16nfinite$15MPhoto StudioSeries AU.S. Venture Partners
17Digibee$25MIntegrationSeries ASOFTBANK Latin America Ventures
18Voyage SMS$10MEmail MarketingVenture – Series UnknownRiverPark Ventures, York IE
19SatisFIND$200KCustomer Experience ManagementPre-Seed

SaaS companies that got the funding in January 2022

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Erudit AI$5.1MBusiness ManagementSeedEncomenda VC
2bamboo$207.5KFitness ManagementPre-Seed round
3Primital$4KConstruction ManagementSeedCarmen Faustino
4Elastic Path Software$60MeCommerce SoftwareVenture – Series UnknownBlackRock
5Serviceform$350KAppointment Scheduling SoftwareSeedGorilla Capital
6Go Links$27MURL ShortenerSeries AAnthos Capital
7m3ter$17.5MPricing OptimizationSeedKindred Capital
8Airmeet$12MVirtual Event SoftwareSeries BRedpoint

What is SaaS Funding?

SaaS funding is a financing option specifically designed to help companies offering Software as a Service (SaaS). So if your software is bringing in recurring revenue, you’ll have access to a range of finance options that are tailored to how you’re running your business.

Why is SaaS funding different?

The main difference between SaaS funding and regular business financing options comes down to the nature of SaaS companies. A successful SaaS company generally has a fairly typical trajectory:

1. The initial stage is very cash-intensive, where the company does a lot of R&D and develops the product.

2. The second stage usually consists of attracting and retaining paying users with features and an experience they love.

3. The third stage focuses on maximizing revenue by becoming more efficient. A typical SaaS company will generally start to make a profit here.

4. The final stage sees continued growth by entering new markets or making acquisitions or even being acquired.

SaaS funding: The right time to apply/raise funds

Most businesses are ready to apply for SaaS funding when they’ve got a clear strategy, evidence that they can bring on repeated revenue at a near-sustainable customer acquisition cost, or have proven product-market fit.

You need resources like staff, legal advice, and marketing to scale—and these resources usually cost more than you think they do. So, getting funding sooner in your company’s journey can help you plan for growth. 

SaaS funding: Your Options

Here are the four main types of SaaS funding:

Venture Capital

Venture capitalists generally offer access to large sums of money (and growing – according to recent research), but they want understandably want something big in return. That ‘something’ is an equity stake in your business.

Pros of Venture Capital

  • Large capital opportunities
  • No repayment or interest is required
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities

Cons of Venture Capital

  • More expectations and pressure from investors
  • Your investors own a stake in your company
  • Less room for failure and experimentation

Who Venture Capital is best for

Venture capital is typically for start-ups that have huge growth potential or for those with a strong track record of recent growth. Venture Capitalists want to be sure that they can expect much larger pay-outs later on. They will manage a portfolio full of ‘bets’, and they want as many of those as possible to pay off.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are individual investors rather than firms or a fund, and their investments will often come in the form of convertible debt or ownership equity. These are often friends, or networks of high-net-worth individuals, who group to make a seed investment.

Pros of Angel Investments

  • Flexible 
  • No repayment or interest is required
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities

Cons of Angel Investments

  • High expectations
  • You will lose some control over your business (but less than with venture capital, who offers more funding)
  • It can take a long time to find a suitable angel investor

Who Angel Investments are for?

Angel investors are ideal for SaaS startups looking for their first investments. They’re most effective when the company’s mission and the angel’s priorities and experience align well. The angel usually has to feel strongly enough about the problem the start-up is trying to solve to invest in the

Revenue-based financing

Revenue-based financing asks SaaS companies to share a percentage of their future revenue each month in exchange for investment. You’ll keep paying these monthly payments until the full loan amount has been paid.

Pros of Revenue-based Financing

  • No interest
  • Payments are tied to how your business is doing
  • Retain ownership and control
  • Shared alignment toward growth

Cons of Revenue-based Financing

  • Proof of predictable future revenue required
  • Investment amounts generally aren’t more than $5m
  • Required monthly fee

Who is Revenue-based Financing for?

Revenue-based financing is perfect for SaaS and companies that have recurring revenue models. Businesses with consistently high monthly recurring revenue and high gross margins are most likely to qualify.

Incubators and Accelerators

Incubators are designed to support the growth of very seed-stage start-ups. It’s a founder-focused investment type that’s incredibly flexible. Accelerators, meanwhile, are aimed at providing slightly later-stage startups with a platform to scale up. They’re a lot more team-focused and provide fixed-term opportunities.

Pros of Incubators and Accelerators

  • Mentorship and training opportunities
  • Access to investment (either through the program or via a network of potential investors)
  • High credibility

Cons of Incubators and Accelerators

  • Hard to get into accelerator or incubator programs
  • Mixed quality of programs as more pop up

Who are Incubators and Accelerators best for?

Incubators and accelerators are great funding choices for founders that are just starting up or more mature start-ups that are looking to reach their next stage of growth.

Alternative funding options

Apart from the main four types of funding, there are also a few alternative funding options available to you:

  • Crowdfunding: This involves getting others to finance the development of your SaaS product. Popular SaaS crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Seedrs.
  • Bootstrapping: Here you’ll use your own money to get your business going. Going this route usually means that you have another stream of revenue to support your cost of living, you’re using your savings, or you take out a personal loan. The main benefit is that you maintain full ownership of your company and your ideas.
  • Contests: While the prize money may not be massive, winning a contest could be the financial injection your SaaS startup needs.
  • Government grants: Obtaining a government grant can be an uphill task, but you’re under no obligation to pay it back.

The 5 rounds of SaaS funding

Each step of the SaaS growth journey is different, requiring different types of funding at each stage. Here are the five main SaaS funding stages, including why and when you’ll need investment in each one.


Pre-seed funding helps startups get off the ground. It can help you develop a proof of concept or an MVP version of your software. Many start-up founders dip into savings, remortgage homes, or take on second jobs to get this funding. If this isn’t an option for you, then you’ll need to look into pre-seed funding.

Since businesses are in their infancy at this funding stage, venture capitalists or other equity finance sources aren’t usually an option. Founders, therefore, usually turn to friends, family members, or confident, independent investors (angel investors).


Seed funding is what gets a start-up going. Receiving financing at this stage helps turn the ideas behind a SaaS start-up into reality. This investment can be used to fund a product launch, research the market, or finance staff hiring to move a firm forward.

Your company will have approximately doubled in valuation from the pre-seed round to be eligible for seed investment. It means you’re already pretty close to having a viable product either launched or ready to launch, but you need an extra cash injection to meet your final goals.

Series A

A Series A investment is when your company has already started to generate a profit and is looking to expand. The main goal here is to optimize existing processes further and prepare your company to scale.

By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), customer numbers, or turnover, you can spot when you may be ready for Series A funding.

Since getting investment at this stage is more competitive, you’re going to need to put in a considerable amount of work in developing your business model to be eligible for this funding. It requires you to show evidence of a business model that can sustain cashflows in the future.

A great idea and a few early adopters won’t cut it, unfortunately.

Series B

Series B investments are for businesses that have captured a significant user base and bring in high monthly revenues. Investments of $20 million+ are there to help you grow to meet levels of demand in current and new market segments.

Most founders consider Series B funding when their fundamental KPIs are promising and their monetization strategy has proven to be strong. These investors are very similar to the previous round, and most successful Series B funding rounds see original backers add more cash, along with new joiners.

Series C+

Series C start-ups have already achieved significant scale and are on a journey to higher growth. The size of investments grows significantly in this round—hovering around $50 million on average. 

By this point, your company will likely be worth around $100 million, which means you’re no longer a risky proposition. As such, private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment banks often get involved in Series C rounds.

Increase your chances of SaaS funding success

Getting funding for your SaaS business is never a sure thing, but it helps to be prepared.

Choose the right funding option

Choosing the right option depends on where you are in your business growth, what you need funding for, how much finance you need, your current assets, and the level of risk you’re willing to take on.

Going with the wrong funding option can result in getting too little money and needing further investment rounds, which can damage your credibility and – even worse – waste your time. Or it can mean getting too much funding and then out-pricing future funders.

What VCs look for

While it’s important to know what to look for in investors, you also need to understand what investors look for in your company. In most cases, it comes down to attractive metrics.

Here are a few critical factors that VCs look for:

  • MRR growth: the net increase or decrease in monthly recurring revenue from one month to the next. You want a positive growth rate.
  • Churn rate: the number of customers who leave your service over a given time frame. The lower, the better—ideally 1% or lower.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU): indicates how much the whole of your customer base is bringing in to you on average.
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC): the cost related to acquiring a new customer. Having a solid grasp of your CAC costs is vital for later funding rounds.

The more prepared you are, the better

SaaS funding is there to get your business through each stage of the growth journey—from getting it off the ground through product launch and mass-market expansion. Each funding option can make sense for you at different times, so prepare to call on a range of funding types as your business grows!

Lastly, remember that no matter which route you go, do not underestimate the amount of work you will need to put in when you are trying to raise funds. Getting funding can be a lengthy and time-consuming process—so be prepared to take some time out of growing your business to make it happen!

SaaS companies that got the funding in December 2021

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1AgentSync$75MInsurance SoftwareSeries BValor Equity Partners
2CloudBees$150MConfiguration Management SoftwareSeries FGoldman Sachs Asset Management
3CometChat$10MCloud Communication Platform SoftwareSeries ASignal Peak Ventures
4Frontegg$25MApplication DevelopmentSeries APitango Venture Capital
5Kudos$10MEmployee Recognition SoftwareCanadian Business Growth Fund
6MoEngage$30MMarketing Automation SoftwareSeries BSteadview Capital
7NewsWhip€2.2MSocial Media Marketing SoftwareDebt FinancingElement SaaS Finance
8Sense$50MRecruitment SoftwareSeries DSoftBank Vision Fund
9TIE KinetixSEK30MEDI – Electronic Data Interchange SoftwarePost-IPO EquityPartinc Capital
10WebEngage$10MMarketing Automation SoftwareSeries ABlume Ventures

SaaS companies that got the funding in November 2021

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Alchemy$250millionBlockchain platformSeries CA16z
2AnyDesk$70millionRemote access softwareSeries CGeneral Atlantic
3Apollo$32millionSales engagement platformSeries BTribe Capital
4Aren$2millionCivil infrastructureSeed fundingShadow Ventures
5Blink$20millionFrontline worker platformSeries ANext47
6Botkeeper$42millionBookkeeping automationSeries CGrand Oaks Capital
7ClickUp$400millionProject managementSeries CA16z, Tiger Global
8Colibra$250millionData governance and intelligenceSeries GSequoia Capital Global Equities
9Collato€4.2millionWorkflow managementSeed fundingRedalpine
10CoreStack$30millionCloud governance and complianceSeries BAvatar Growth
11Daily$40millionVideo softwareSeries BRenegade Partners
12EasySend$55.5millionNo-code softwareSeries BOak HC/FT
13Fellow$24millionMeeting managementSeries ACraft Ventures
14Fingerprint.JS$32millionBrowser fingerprintingSeries BCraft Ventures
15Fonoa$20.5millionTax complianceSeries AOMERS Ventures
16Fyllo$40millionSaaS complianceSeries CEminence Capital
17Groundswell$15millionPhilanthropy softwareSeed fundingGV
18Hightouch$40millionReverse ETL softwareSeries BIconiq Growth
19Huice$312millionSmart retailSeries DSoftBank Vision Fund 2$50millionChatbotSeries CVistara Growth, PNC
21Lumigo$29millionApplication monitoringSeries ARedLine Capital
22Lusha$205millionSales intelligence platformSeries BPSG
23mabl$40millionIntelligent automation softwareSeries CVista Equity Partners
24Mixpanel$200millionWeb analytics softwareSeries CBain Capital Tech Opportunities
25Moka$100millionHR softwareSeries CTiger Global
26Netlify$105millionCDN softwareSeries DBessemer Venture Partners
27Ometria$40millionCRM softwareSeries CInfraVia Growth
28Ontic$40millionProtective intelligence softwareSeries BJMI Equity
29Pendo$110millionDigital adoptionSecondary investmentThoma Bravo
30Pipefy$75millionWorkflow managementSeries CSoftbank Latin America Ventures
31Podium$200millionReputation management softwareSeries DYC Continuity
32Pronto Housing$2.5millionHousing complianceSeed fundingWilshire Lane Partners
33Propelo$12millionEngineering excellenceSeries ADecibel Partners
34Reltio$120millionData platformSeries EBrighton Park Capital
35simPRO$350millionField service managementK1 Investment Management
36SimScale€25millionSimulational softwareSeries C ExtensionDraper Esprit, Insight Partners
37Tagger Media$15millionInfluencer marketingSeries BFive Elms Capital
38ThougthSpot$100millionData analytics softwareSeries FMarch Capital
39Toplyne$2.5millionSales softwareSeed fundingSequoia Capital India
40Unlock$2millionSaaS marketplaceSeed fundingLa Famiglia
41Vercel$150millionApplication development softwareSeries DGGV Capital
42Virtuoso$13millionTesting automationSeries APaladin Capital
43When I Work$200millionTimesheet platformGrowth fundingBain Capital Tech Opportunities
44Workato$200millionWorkflow automation softwareSeries EBattery Ventures
45Wrapbook$100millionPayroll softwareSeries BTiger Global
46Yugabyte$188millionSQL databaseSeries CSapphire Ventures
47Zesty$35millionCloud managementSeries ANext47

SaaS companies that got the funding in October 2021

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1360Learning$200millionCorporate Learning PlatformSumeru, Vision Fund 2 and Silver Lake Waterman
2Adaptive Shield$30millionSecurity Management PlatformSeries AInsight Partners
3AiDash$27millionGeospatial AnalyticsSeries BG2 Venture Partners
4Aiven$60millionOpen-Source-as-a-ServiceWorld Innovation Lab and IVP
5Alida$20millionCustomer Experience Management PlatformSeries DRound13 Growth Fund
6Aquant$70millionCustomer Service Automation PlatformSeries CQumra Capital
7Autify$10millionSoftware Testing Automation PlatformSeries AWorld Innovation Lab (WiL)
8Aware$60millionCollaboration Governance PlatformSeries CGoldman Sachs Asset Management
9B12$15.7millionWebsite Builder SoftwareTola Capital
10Batch$23millionCustomer Engagement PlatformExpedition Growth Capital
11BetterUp$300millionMental Fitness Coaching PlatformSeries EWellington Management, ICONIQ Growth, and Lightspeed Venture Partners
12Black Kite$22millionCyber Risk Monitoring PlatformSeries BVolition Capital$3.6millionConversational Marketing PlatformSeed FundingVamosVentures
15Chronosphere$200millionCloud-Native Observability PlatformSeries CGeneral Atlantic
16ClickUp$400millionCollaboration SoftwareSeries CAndreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global
17CoLab$17millionCollaboration PlatformSeries AInsight Partners$11millionWriting SoftwareSeries AWing Venture Capital
19Cyabra$5.6millionNews Disinformation Detection Analysis ToolSeries AOurCrowd
20Data Skrive$7millionContent Automation PlatformBettor Capital
21Dresma Inc$3millionVisual Content Production PlatformSeed FundingSVQuad
22FarMart$10millionAgriTechMatrix Partners India
23Fellow$24millionMeeting Management SoftwareSeries ACraft Ventures
24Gluware$43millionNetwork Automation ProviderGrowth FundingBain Capital
25Groove$45millionSales Engagement PlatformSeries BViking Global Investors
26Hera$465KCalendar AppPre-SeedFunding
27Hex$16millionCollaborative Data AnalyticsSeries ARedpoint Ventures
28Hibob$150millionHR SoftwareSeries CGeneral Atlantic
29Honeycomb$50millionSoftware Observability PlatformSeries CInsight Partners
30HR Acuity$47millionEmployee Relations Management SoftwareK1 Investment Management
31Hubilo$125millionVirtual Events PlatformSeries BAlkeon Capital
32iSeller$8millionE-CommercePre-Series BOpenspace Ventures and AppWorks$22millionData Transformation PlatformSeed FundingGrove Ventures
34Notion$275millionNote-Taking SoftwareSeries CCoatue Management and Sequoia
35OfficeRnD$10millionWorkplace Management SoftwareSeries ARuna Capital
36Ontra$200millionContract Automation and IntelligenceSeries BBlackstone Growth
37Orca Security$550millionCloud Security ProviderSeries CTemasek
38Personio$270millionHR Management and Recruiting PlatformSeries EGreenoaks Capital Partners
39Pipefy$75millionWorkflow Management SoftwareSeries CSoftBank Latin America Fund
40ProfitWheel$3millionMarketing Intelligence PlatformSeed FundingNetcore Cloud and angel investors
41Rippling$250millionHR SoftwareSequoia Capital Global Equities and Global Growth
42SaaS Labs$17millionProductivity and Business Process Automation SoftwareSeries ABase 10 Partners and Eight Roads Ventures
43Shopblocks£1millionE-CommerceGreater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)
44Skyflow$45millionData Privacy PlatformSeries BInsight Partners
45SkyHive$40 millionWorkforce PlanningSeries BEldrige
46Spot AI$20millionVideo Intelligence SoftwareSeries ARedpoint Ventures
47Testlio$12millionSoftware Testing PlatformSeries BSpring Lake Equity Partners$11.7millionVideo SoftwareSeries AMoneta Ventures, Baring Private Equity India and Others
49Toolio$8millionRetailSeries AJump Capital
50UserGems$20millionSales Intelligence SoftwareSeries ACraft Ventures

SaaS companies that got the funding in September 2021

S. No.SaaS Company NameAmount RaisedCategoryType of FundingLead Investor’s
1Acceldata$35millionData Observability Cloud PlatformSeries BInsight Partners
2Affinity$80millionRelationship Intelligence PlatformSeries CMenlo Ventures
3Aircover$3millionIn-meeting Sales Tools and Intelligence PlatformSeed FundingDefy Partners
4Alloy$100millionIdentity Operating SystemSeries CLightspeed Venture Partners
5Almanac$34millionCollaborative Doc EditorSeries ATiger Global Management
6Altana AI$15millionAI-Powered Supply Chain Visibility PlatformSeries AGV
7Amagi Media Labs$100millionTech and MediaPremji Invest, Accel, Avataar Ventures, and Norwest Venture Partners
8Anima$10millionNo-code Design SoftwareSeries AMizMaa Ventures
9Arize$19millionMachine Learning Observability PlatformSeries ABattery Ventures
10Astera Labs$50millionConnectivity Solutions ProviderSeries CFidelity Management and Research
11Bidgely$26millionEnergy Analytics PlatformStrategic FinancingMoore Strategic Ventures
12Bigeye$45millionData Observability PlatformSeries BCoatue
13Blackbird.AI$10millionEarly Warning Artificial Intelligence PlatformSeries ADorilton Ventures
14Botify$55millionSEO Optimization PlatformSeries CInfraVia Growth
15Business Canvas$2.5millionDocument Management PlatformSeed FundingMirae Asset Venture Investment
16Cabinet$2.6millionExecutive Assistant SoftwareHarlem Capital
17Canva$200millionGraphic Design SoftwareT. Rowe Price
18CareAR$10millionField ServiceEquity FundingServiceNow
19Carrot$5.5millionE-CommerceSeed FundingKindred Ventures, M13, Abstract, Designer Fund, Combine, Paris Hilton, Scott Belsky, Riverpark and NextView
20Clootrack$4millionMarket Intelligence PlatformSeries AInventus Capital India
21Cloudsmith$15millionPackage ManagementSeries ATiger Global Management
22CoachHub$80millionCoaching SoftwareSeries B2Draper Esprit, RTP Global, HV Capital, Signals Venture Capital, Partech, and Speedinvest
23Coalition$205millionCyber Insurance and Security ProviderSeries EDurable Capital, T.Rowe Price, and Whale Rock Capital
24Code Climate$50millionSoftware Engineering Intelligence PlatformSeries CPSG
25CodeSignal$50millionTechnical AssessmentSeries CMenlo Ventures and Index Ventures
26Conexiom$130millionSales Order and Invoice Automation PlatformGrowth InvestmentWarburg Pincus
27Commercetools$140millionE-CommerceSeries CAccel$55millionE-CommerceSeries ASilversmith Capital Partners
29Copado$140millionDevOps PlatformSeries CInsight Partners
30Corelight$75millionOpen Network Detection and Response (NDR) Platform ProviderSeries DEnergy Impact Partners (EIP)
31Cresicor$5.6millionTrade Management PlatformSeed FundingCostanoa Ventures
32DeepFactor$15millionAppSec Observability PlatformSeries AInsight Partners
33Deep Vision$35millionSoftware Suite for Edge ComputingSeries BTiger Global Management
34Delegate Connect$7.3millionVirtual Events PlatformSeed FundingAirTree Ventures
37Discord$500millionCommunication PlatformDragoneer Investment Group
36Doccla$3.3millionHealth TechSeed FundingGiant Ventures and Speedinvest
37DriftUndisclosedB2B CommerceStrategic Growth InvestmentVista Equity Partners
38eShipz$700kShipping Automation PlatformSeed FundingIndian Angel Network (IAN)
39EventX$10millionEnterprise Virtual Event ManagementSeries BHTC and Gaocheng Capital
40EverAfter$13millionCustomer Collaboration PlatformSeed FundingTLV Partners and Vertex Ventures
41Factorial$80millionHR SoftwareSeries BTiger Global Management
42Fieldproxy$200kField Team ProductivitySeed FundingLetsVenture, 2am VC, and
43Fin$20millionWork Insights PlatformSeries ACoatue
44Fivetran$565millionAutomated Data Integration PlatformSeries DAndreessen Horowitz (a16z)
45Flieber$12millionInventory Optimization PlatformSeries AGGV Capital and Monashees
46Flippa$11millionOnline MarketplaceSeries AOneVentures
47FloBiz$35millionFinTechSeries BSequoia Capital and Think Investments
48ForMotiv$6millionBehavioral Intelligence PlatformSeed FundingVestigo Ventures
49Freight Tiger$6.5millionDigital Freight Network ProviderFlorintree Infra
50Frontify$50millionBrand Management SoftwareSeries CRevaia
51Gem$100millionRecruitment SoftwareSeries CICONIQ
52Genially$20millionAll-In-One Content Creation ToolSeries B645 Ventures and Owl Ventures
53Goodcall$4millionCloud-Based Conversational PlatformSeed FundingNeo, Foothill Ventures, Merus Capital, Xoogler Ventures, Verissimo Ventures and VSC Ventures
54Humane Inc.$100millionConsumer Hardware PlatformSeries BTiger Global Management
55Jeeves$57millionFinTechSeries BCRV
56JITbase$650kManufacturing SoftwareSeed FundingBluesky Equities, Leesta, and Boreal Ventures
57Joyned$4millionE-CommerceSeed FundingArthur Stark, Yair Goldfinger, and Rafael Ashk
58Jscrambler$15millionClient-Side Security SolutionSeries AAce Capital Ventures
59JumpCloud$159millionCloud Directory Platform ProviderSeries FSapphire Ventures
60Ketch$20millionData Control PlatformSeries AAcrew Capital
61Kolide$17millionEndpoint Security PlatformSeries BOpenView Partners$50millionExperience Optimization PlatformSeries CVistara Growth and PNC
63LearnExperts$1.25millionEdTechSeed FundingSand Hill North, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, the Capital Angel Network, Maple Leaf Angels of Toronto, and the Georgian Angel Network
64LevaData$47millionSupply Chain Management SoftwareSeries CBanneker Partners
65Lightricks$130millionPhoto and Video Editing AppsSeries DInsight Partners and Hanaco Venture Capital
66Lio$5millionExcel & Business AppSeed FundingLightspeed India Partners and Sequoia Capital India
67Malbek$15.3millionContract Lifecycle Management PlatformSeries ANoro-Moseley Partners
68MarginEdge$18millionRestaurant Management SoftwareSeries BSchooner Capital
69Matillion$150millionCloud Data Integration PlatformSeries EGeneral Atlantic
70Melio$250millionPayments PlatformSeries DThrive Capital and General Catalyst
71Mirakl$55millionEnterprise MarketplaceSeries ESilver Lake
72Mutiny$18.5millionNo-code Marketing PlatformSeries ASequoia Capital
73myCOI$5millionCertificate of Insurance (COI) Tracking and Management SolutionDebt FinancingSaaS Capital
74Mynd$57.3millionProperty ManagementQED Investors$825kApparel CatalogingSeed FundingInflection Point Ventures (IPV)
76Novi Connect$10.3millionB2B MarketplaceSeries AGreylock
77Ocrolus$80millionDocument-Driven Workflow Management SolutionSeries CFin VC
78Octane$2millionSoftware Billing PlatformBasis Set Ventures
79Optimove$75millionCRM Marketing SoftwareSummit Partners
80Osano$11millionRisk and Compliance PlatformSeries AJump Capital
81PandaDocUndisclosedE-Document PlatformSeries COMERS Growth Equity and G Squared
82Panorama Education$60millionK-12 Education Software PlatformSeries CGeneral Atlantic
83Panorays$42millionThird-Party Security Risk Management PlatformSeries BGreenfield Partners
84Papaya Global$250millionPayroll SoftwareSeries DInsight Partners and Tiger Global Management
85PassFort$16.2millionCompliance AutomationSeries ALevel Equity
86PayEm$7millionSpend and Procurement PlatformSeed FundingPitango First and NFX
87PayEm$20millionSpend and Procurement PlatformSeries AGlilot+
88Peak$75millionDecision Intelligence PlatformSeries CSoftBank Vision Fund 2
89Persona$150millionIdentity PlatformSeries CFounders Fund
90Pixalate$18.1millionFraud Protection, Privacy and Compliance Analytics PlatformGrowth FundingWestern Technology Investment and Javelin Venture Partners
91PolyAI$14millionConversational AISeries BKhosla Ventures
92Portcast$3.2millionLogisticsPre-Series ANewtown Partners
93Printify$45millionOn-Demand PrintingSeries AIndex Ventures
94Pronto$4millionPartner Ecosystem Management PlatformSeed FundingWork-Bench
95Propel$20millionProduct Lifecycle Management PlatformSeries CSalesforce Ventures
96Pyxis One$17millionMarketing and Consumer IntelligenceSeries BCelesta Capital and Premji Invest
97Qovery$4millionContainer-as-a-Service PlatformSeed FundingCrane and Speedinvest
98Rafay Systems$25millionKubernetes PlatformSeries BForgePoint Capital
99RainFocusUndisclosedEvent MarketingSeries CKKR
100Reachdesk$43millionB2B Gifting MarketplaceSeries BHighland Europe
101Read AI$10millionVirtual Meeting SoftwareSeed FundingMadrona Venture Group
102Relyance AI$25millionPrivacy Compliance PlatformSeries AMenlo Ventures and Unusual Ventures
103Revenue Grid$20millionAI-based Guided Selling PlatformSeries AW3 Capital
104Rewind$65millionBackup PlatformSeries BInsight Partners
105Rezilion$30millionCloud Workload Protection PlatformSeries AGuggenheim Investments
106Rize$11.4millionFinTechSeries AAlpha Edison and Morpheus Ventures
107RunX$4.1millionAutomated Infrastructure PlatformSeed FundingUnusual Ventures
108Satori$20millionDataSecOps PlatformSeries AB Capital Group and Evolution Equity Partners
109Sendcloud$177millionE-CommerceSeries CSoftbank Vision Fund 2
110Seqera Labs$5.5millionData Orchestration and Workflow SoftwareSeed FundingTalis Capital and Speedinvest
111SIMBA Chain$25millionSmart-Contract-as-a-Service for EnterprisesSeries AValley Capital Partners
112SingleStore$80millionDatabase Management SoftwareSeries FInsight Partners
113Skello$47.3millionWork Schedule SoftwareSeries BPartech
114Skit$23millionAI-Based Voice AutomationSeries BWestBridge Capital
115SkyKick$130millionCloud Management SoftwareDebt FinancingMorgan Stanley Investment Management
116Snyk$530millionDeveloper Security PlatformSeries FSands Capital and Tiger Global Management
117SpotOn$300millionIntegrated Software and Payment SolutionSeries EAndreessen Horowitz (a16z)
118Sorcero$10millionLanguage Intelligence PlatformSeries ACityRock Venture Partners, H/L Ventures, and Harmonix Fund
119Stairwell$20millionCybersecurity PlatformSeries ASequoia Capital and Accel
120Sternum$27millionEndpoint Security BuilderSeries BSpark Capital
121Stord$90millionCloud Supply ChainSeries DKleiner Perkins
122Stravito$14.6millionKnowledge Management SolutionSeries AEndeit Capital
123StreamNative$23.7millionData-Streaming PlatformSeries AProsperity7 Ventures
124Strike Graph$8millionCybersecuritySeries AInformation Venture Partners
125strongDM$54millionInfrastructure Access PlatformSeries BTiger Global Management
126Supabase$30millionBackend-as-a-ServiceSeries ACoatue
127Totango$100millionCustomer Success PlatformSeries DGreat Hill Partners
128Trengo$36millionEnterprise Communications PlatformSeries AInsight Partners and Peak
129TrueFort$30millionZero Trust Application ProtectionSeries BShasta Ventures
130Truepic$26millionDigital Image Verification SoftwareSeries BM12
131TrustMary$2.2millionTestimonial Marketing PlatformVendep Capital
132Turtl$17millionContent Automation PlatformSeries AOctopus Ventures
133Tyk$35millionAPI Management PlatformSeries BScottish Equity Partners$15millionProductivity PlatformSeries AU.S. VC Bessemer Venture Partners
135Vectornator$20millionGraphic Design SoftwareEQT Ventures$50millionAutonomous Accounting PlatformSeries BICONIQ Growth
137Vowel$13.5millionVirtual Meeting PlatformSeries ALobby Capital
138Zeotap$11millionCustomer Intelligence PlatformSeries C2Liberty Global Ventures
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