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Tencent Cloud Introduces China Connect Solution to Provide Global Enterprises with One-Stop Connection to China.

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Tencent Cloud Introduces China Connect Solution to Provide Global Enterprises with One-Stop Connection to China.

Tencent Cloud’s high level of performance and reliability in products and services in full display to assist businesses’ expansion into China through digitalization.

HONG KONG — Tencent Cloud – the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, today introduced its one-stop China Connect Solution by integrating its cutting-edge digital solutions and services for institutions and organizations aiming to expand their businesses into China through digitalization.

To assist enterprises in their quest for global success, Tencent Cloud provides a wide range of industry-leading products in the fields of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing throughout 27 geographic areas and covering more than 2,800 global acceleration nodes across more than 70 countries.

As a testament to the company’s high level of performance and reliability, the growing list of businesses utilizing Tencent Cloud’s suite of China Connect products and services in their China expansion include:

  • Education First (EF), an international education company.
  • GateHub, a one-stop business solution provider for China-Israeli enterprises.
  • Kabam, an interactive entertainment company that creates, develops and publishes mobile games.
  • Perfect World Entertainment, a leading publisher of online games in North America and Europe.
  • RootAnt Group, a Singapore-headquartered supply chain finance and green finance fintech company in the Asia Pacific.
  • Travel Link, an integrated marketing company specializing in the tourism industry and more.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “With an increasing number of global enterprises aiming to expand their businesses and gain more interest and support from consumers in China, Tencent Cloud is pleased to integrate our offerings and introduce the China Connect Solution to accompany them while they achieve their goals. Always staying true to our mission to help businesses thrive, Tencent Cloud aims to give institutions a safer, smoother and more stable connection to the country all throughout their journey.”

Further demonstrating what makes Tencent Cloud the preferred partner for overseas businesses that aim to enter the Chinese market, the company highlights the “4 Cs” of its strengths:

  • Competence – offers local expertise and industry-leading cloud services to empower businesses throughout their entire lifecycles in China;
  • Connectivity – provides enterprises with fast and secure networks to facilitate global and cross-border connectivity;
  • Consultancy – provides end-to-end technical consulting services to facilitate the enterprises’ implementation of mandated technical standards under the local regulatory environment;
  • C2B2C success – offers businesses valuable local market knowledge and expertise, based on Tencent Cloud’s years of experience in integrating solutions across the Weixin ecosystem.

One-Stop Solution for Entering the China Market

A comprehensive suite of services with guidance and support from Tencent Cloud is available for companies to get their operations up and to run in China, including business registrations, security solutions and data analysis, leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, enterprise-level applications, and a package of Go-To-Market solutions to help them understand more about their customers as well as relevant brand building. The solutions aim to protect niche cloud deployments, including those used for gaming, e-commerce, live broadcast operations and finance.

Enterprises can also join Tencent’s ecosystem to engage and interact with Chinese consumers.

  • Tencent QiDian improves the promotion effects and transparency through closed-loop digital and social marketing and provides an intelligent lead classification feature that allows you to personalize customer interactions.
  • A robust C2B (Consumer to Business) strategy enables the business to directly engage with consumers through platforms like Weixin and QQ, which boast billions of users and provide the valuable local market knowledge and operational experience.
  • Companies can also join Tencent’s digital ecosystem to expand in China. The services they can choose take many forms, such as Weixin Official Accounts, Mini Programs, Weixin Pay and intuitive communication tools such as Tencent Meeting and VooV Meeting.

Through Tencent Cloud’s China Connect offerings, businesses can understand the local market. Whatever the industry, product or service, the primary choice for digitalization and business implementation in China is Tencent Cloud. To learn more about Tencent Cloud’s China Connect offerings.

About Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is Tencent’s cloud services brand, providing industry-leading cloud products and services to organizations and enterprises worldwide. Leveraging its robust data centre infrastructures worldwide, Tencent integrates cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, Internet of Things, security and other advanced technologies with intelligent enterprise scenarios. At the same time, we provide a holistic, innovative enterprise solution for sectors including finance, education, healthcare, retail, industry, transport, energy and radio & television.

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